When life throws you lemon,make a lemonade? Make sense,you go through ups and downs but you don’t have to stay up or down so you just have to balance everything.Relax once and have fun😊 (at Baguio)


How to Enjoy Life

See your neighborhood in a new light ,explore your city like never before and have fun adventures this summer while seeing new sights,both near and far.

You know those fleeting moments in life when you’re completely in the present and feel alive? Exploring your surroundings(however near or far)-is a secret passage to moments that reinvigorate your creative spirit.You don’t have to have a lot of money,time or even go very far.Just step out your front door with these essential elements for adveture.It can just be the camera of your phone ,but having something to grab shots of things that capture your attention isn’t just about keeping memories,it’s about encouraging yourself to find the beauty in the ordinary.Nature is the first thing you can explore.